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Innovative and durable, SMARTUP offers incomparable structural opportunities to imagine, build, and renovate both historical monuments and the buildings of tomorrow.
  • The structure is lighter thanks to the exceptional compressive (> 130 MPa) and tensile (> 6 MPa) resistance of SMARTUP, up to 6 times higher than that of standard concrete, without passive reinforcement.
  • The longevity of the structure and the high durability of the concrete are produced by the ultra-compactness of SMARTUP (porosity 9%) and its low air permeability.
  • The flexible nature of SMARTUP gives you the freedom to design exceptional structures and structural elements.
  • SMARTUP optimizes construction, combining cost control (improving speed and performance) and safety on the site.
  • Preservation of resources: Vicat’s ultra-high-performance fiber concrete, SMARTUP, enables the optimal sizing of structures, increased manufacturing control, and savings on the quantity of materials used.

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