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The intelligence and elegance of Ultra-High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced concrete
with incredible properties, designed with structural, architectural,
and design applications in mind.

SmartUP Overview

Thanks to its exceptional resistance to both compression and traction, SMARTUP makes it possible to manufacture both small and large parts, providing incomparable design freedom and structural performance.

The high durability of SMARTUP, due to its excellent resistance to external factors (climate, mechanical, fire, age), increases the longevity of the structure, strengthening its safety to the public and limiting the cost of maintenance.

The new elasticity of SMARTUP enables the production of the most complex shapes and projects, even the most demanding in terms of complicated structures and facing. Easy to mould and add textures and colours, SMARTUP opens up new creative perspectives.


Innovative and durable, SMARTUP offers incomparable structural opportunities to imagine, build, and renovate both historical monuments and the buildings of tomorrow.


Creative concrete is a modern solution that flexibly meets all the architectural requirements, fitting with the current construction trend using minerals in a sustainable way.


Elegant and contemporary concrete holds a special place in the world of design by reconciling functionality and aesthetics. Furniture, objects, or surfaces, concrete accompanies and embellishes everyday life.