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Material Data Sheet


United States Sales Department
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Updated June 2024

1. General characteristics

Ultra-high performance concrete material produced by combining a premix of cement, aggregates, and other fine minerals with water, liquid admixtures, and metallic fibers.

The premix is delivered in 50lb (23kg) bags or 1800lb (815kg) big bags. The admixtures are delivered in can, barrel, or bulk depending on project size. Metallic fibers are delivered in 50lb (23kg) bags.

  • Premix: Premix of cement, sands, and other fine minerals
  • Color: Gray
  • Fiber Reinforcement: Steel microfibers (L: 0.5 inch / 12.7mm, d: 0.008 inch / 0.175mm)
  • Thermal treatment: None
  • Efficient water-binder ratio: 0.14 to 0.18
  • Maximum aggregate size, DMAX: 0.05 inch / 1.25mm

2. Composition

Component proportions indicated below yield 1 yd³ (0.76m³) of SMARTUP [STRUCTURE] with 2.5% (by volume) of metallic fibers.

Component Weight (lb/yd³) Weight (kg/m³)
Premix 3545 2102
Admixture 1 42.0 25.0
Admixture 2 13.5 8.0
Water 303.4 180.0
Steel fibers 332.9 197.5

3. Mixing and pouring protocol

Mixing SMARTUP [STRUCTURE] Gray 2.5% FM takes approximately 15 minutes per batch. Mixing is performed in a high-shear concrete mixer and placed either as precast elements or directly on site.

The manufacturing protocol contains the following steps:

  • Empty all premix into mixer. Mix the dry premix for 1 minute.
  • Add all water and admixtures over 2 to 3 minutes while mixing.
  • Continue mixing the UHPC until it “turns fluid,” generally 4 to 6 minutes after adding the liquids.
  • Add the metal fibers. Be careful to avoid large clumps of fibers falling into the mixer to ensure good dispersion in the UHPC.
  • Continue mixing for at least 6 more minutes.
  • If air content is a concern, allow concrete to sit without mixing for a few minutes before pouring to reduce air pockets.

SMARTUP [STRUCTURE] Gray 2.5% FM is a self-leveling concrete that does not require vibration or other consolidation methods. Typical concrete consolidation methods are harmful to fiber suspension in UHPC and should be avoided.

4. Fresh concrete properties

  • Static flow test: Per ASTM C1347, 7 to 10 inches (178 to 254 mm)
  • Workability time: 60 minutes
  • Density: 4050 – 4200 lb/yd³ (2400 – 2490 kg/m³)
  • Air content: 2 to 5%

5. Mechanical characteristics

Mechanical characteristic Value
24-hr Compressive Strength (ASTM C1856/C39) 12.9 ksi / 89 MPa
4-day Compressive Strength (ASTM C1856/C39) 17.8 ksi / 123 MPa
28-day Compressive Strength (ASTM C1856/C39) 23.8 ksi / 164 MPa
Direct Tension First Crack Stress (FHWA-HRT-17-053) 0.95 ksi / 6.5 MPa
Direct Tension Peak Stress (FHWA-HRT-17-053) 1.11 ksi / 7.6 MPa
Modulus of Elasticity (ASTM C1856/C469) 7500 ksi / 51.7 GPa
Poisson’s ratio 0.2

6. Durability properties

Material property Value
Chloride Ion Permeability (ASTM C1856/C1202) 55 coulombs
Freeze-Thaw Durability (ASTM C1856/C666) RDM 100%
Abrasion Resistance (ASTM C1856/C944) 0.021 oz lost
Alkali-Silica Resistance (ASTM C1856/C1260) 0.01% change (Innocuous)
Scaling Resistance (ASTM C1856/C672) Visual Rating y < 1

7. Other properties

Material property Value
Drying Shrinkage (ASTM C1856/C157) 280 microstrain
Direct Tension Bond Strength (ASTM C1856/C1583) 0.385 ksi
Rebar Pullout Testing (ASTM E488 - #4 @ 4 in depth) 18.9 ksi (Steel Failure)
Rebar Pullout Testing (ASTM E488 - #5 @ 5 in depth) 29.2 ksi (Steel Failure)
Rebar Pullout Testing (ASTM E488 - #6 @ 6 in depth) 42.6 ksi (Steel Failure)

8. Curing and finishing

Heat curing is not required for this product. Final set occurs between 12 and 18 hours depending on ambient temperatures.

Exposed faces of items made of SMARTUP [STRUCTURE] Gray 2.5% FM require protection to avoid damage due to evaporation as the concrete sets. Examples include plywood formwork, plastic sheeting, or curing compounds, though other arrangements can be discussed based on site conditions.

The fineness of the granular composition of SMARTUP [STRUCTURE] Gray 2.5% FM allows the product to retain intricate, high-quality surface textures if desired. The high fluidity and small aggregate size also allow finely detailed items to be produced.

The values presented in this product data sheet are based on laboratory testing conducted in an AASHTO-accredited concrete testing facility. They do not guarantee that performance is achieved for any type of work considered. The product must be used following current recommendations of the manufacturer regarding the mix design, raw materials, mixing procedure, equipment used, and method of casting such that the properties are not compromised. It is common to require additional studies at the proposed job site.